Book Review: The Dom with a Safeword


“Late at night on an amateur ghost hunt, Sabrina and her best friend Q are caught trespassing by the gorgeous, blond Jude. The embers of attraction sizzle when they discover Jude’s kinks match their own. Jude is a Dom on his last summer of freedom before starting the prison sentence that is med school. Q is a badass bi switch who knows what she wants, and for years it’s been her cute, doe-eyed straight friend Sabrina. But the only way to get into Sabrina’s heart and panties may be with Jude’s fist wrapped in her hair.” (From

What I Thought:

I won’t spend too much time reviewing the synopsis of the book since Amazon does a pretty good job of it. This is a light and fluffy read starring two brats and a Dom just trying to make it work. Q and Sabrina are friends and room mates even though Q desperately wishes to be more. But Sabrina is straight, supposedly… She is also a ghost hunter and one night the pair wanders onto the property of Jude. Thus begins our story.

I really loved the dynamic of the group and I liked that even though there were off the chart sexy scenes we also saw the relationship progress just as a normal one would. I had been searching for a good f/f erotic romance to read a few weeks ago because it’s just not something that I’ve come across. There are plenty of great m/m romances out there but I feel like finding cute and fun girl on girl is a lot harder. I am still interested to read one so if anyone has any suggestions, let me know.

In the end, this was great because readers got to experience the relationship from a couple different angles. You have Q and Jude, Jude and Sabrina, Sabrina and Q, and all three of them together. I think it kept the book fresh and fun. I loved the “bratting” and also the correction from Jude each time. There wasn’t a whole lot of plot to the book with the exception of the relationship dynamic.

I greatly enjoyed this one, very funny, cute, sexy, and dare I say…bratty?

Final Review: 4/5.


One thought on “Book Review: The Dom with a Safeword

  1. Just found your review. I don’t think I’ve read it before.
    We have 2 more out in this series. The second is a novella about these three again, Tying up loose ends, and it’s free on amazon for one more day as we’re celebrating the release of the third full-length book – The Dom with the Perfect Brats

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