Book Review: Dominion


“A paranormally-gifted female hunter is seduced by beautiful eight-hundred year old identical twin vampire brothers.” (From

Eve Hayden is a pre-med student searching for her mother’s killer. She knows that her mother was murdered by a vampire while researching them. While digging thru her mother’s belongings she finds a manuscript but it’s in ancient French and she must have it translated. She meets with a professor at a university to find out more. But now all is as it seems and she discovers that she is speaking with one of the stars of the manuscript: Michel de Cernay, a vampire dead and born again in the year 1224.

Eve is sucked into a world she know little about – quickly finding out that she is a vampire hunter (an Adept) with special paranormal gifts meant to help aid her in the destruction of vampires. She meets Julien de Cernay, Michel’s twin brother and internal conflict ensues with Eve torn between her desire for Michel and following her mother’s lost cause.

What I Thought:

I did enjoy this book – but there were some key elements that I really didn’t like as well. I’m not sure if I’ll continue on with the series only because (and this may have nothing to do with the book itself but one can never be too sure) the book did seem to drag on in parts and I found myself getting bored rather quickly during some chapters. It didn’t flow from scene to scene (for me) as flawlessly as I would have liked it to.

I loved Michel’s character. He is a very old vampire who when human was a priest and eight hundred years later still struggles with his decisions/thoughts/emotions as a vampire. I enjoyed the conflict and thought the characterization was very well done. I regret not being able to see more Julien in the book though. The synopsis markets this book as more or less a love triangle but trust me, there’s nothing confusing about who Eve is with (in book one, at least.) We didn’t even get a good taste as to who Julien is versus Michel.

Which brings me to another dislike which is that the theme of Dominance and submission was the last thing I expected to see in this book. It markets as an epic and grand adventure – not erotica. Don’t get me wrong; I love alpha heroes (in fact, I can say I usually will not enjoy a book without an alpha hero) and I also love D/s but this was really heavily “leaned on” in the sex scenes and seemed forced at times. Of course I still enjoyed the scenes but I think they would have been better and more believable if Michel didn’t have to spell out every time that he needed to dominate her, needed her to submit, etc. etc.

At the end of the day this was a solid, strong book. And I appreciated the price. SE Lund seems to make this one free on Amazon every now and then and it it’s successors are all only $3.99 I believe.

Bottom line? Great start to a series with two lead characters who have steamy chemistry together but not as action packed as I’d have liked to see.

Final Review: 3/5.

PS: It is written in present tense first person. “He stares at me with wild abandon and I am walking to him.” Don’t let this alone turn you away, it was something I struggled with for only the first few chapters.


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