Book Review: Sweet Inspiration


“What if the legend of Santa Claus is in fact, true? What if Santa has five big strapping sons who help him run his empire? Five single, sexy sons looking for romance…” (From

Nicholas Klaus is a pastry chef, baker, and he just happens to be Santa Claus’ son. One of five, actually. Nicholas is in New York to taste what has been hailed “the best sugar cookie around” at a quaint little bakery called Sweet Inspiration. The owner? Lucy Brewster. Lucy loves baking for her customers and running her shop…she especially loves seeing Nicholas, who has been stopping in the past couple of weeks. After a tragic accident leaves Lucy on the brink of death, Nicholas makes a snap decision to save her life and Lucy awakes at none other than the North Pole.

What I Thought:

I really truly enjoyed this book. I think Penny Watson did a great job of combining the old school charm of Santa Claus with all new and unique ideas. I immediately loved both Nicholas and Lucy, although their rush to bed and consequently them falling in love was a little unrealistic for me. But hey, so is waking up one day in a little town full of elves!

I also greatly appreciated Watson’s sense for detail. It wasn’t too much, didn’t bore me to death, but was still able to paint a great picture in my head.

“In a room the size of a football field was a model village, complete with cars and trains, houses and bridges, schoolyards and churches, lakes and mountains. And everything was made of gingerbread. Thick layers of creamy icing topped the cottages, sparkling sugar glistened from the frozen ponds, and lights twinkled from inside the buildings. The trains clacked along the tracks, and church bells began to ring.”

Nicholas, his brothers, and even Santa himself also have tattoos. Yup, tattoos! And Santa himself doesn’t look like you might imagine. He’s buff, handsome, and in great shape.

“Trophies, Nike posters and a vast array of fitness equipment cluttered Santa’s study.”

I really liked the fact that so much about the North Pole and the characters there were different from what I would imagine them to be. At the same time, sometimes it got to be a little much and I did find myself yearning for a more “traditional” scene. The book also dragged a lot for me in the middle and I had a little trouble finishing it up. It was a bit predictable but all in all, it was a great full-length holiday read.

Final Review: 3/5.


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