The Fever Series

Happy Thanksgiving, guys! Gobble, gobble.

So, just wanted to post a quick update on my book-related news lately.

1. I have been joining a few different challenges for the upcoming year. 2013 will be the first full year of Bitchin’ Books and I love a challenge. I did dedicate a page specifically for all the challenges I’ve joined/will join for next year. You can find it here. <— Click it, man!

2. I also have decided to re-read the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning before I start on her latest novel, Iced. There was so much that went down in the series and I want to wrap my head around all the little details again before delving into Dani’s story. Even though I’ve read all the books before, the only one I’ve reviewed is Darkfever, Book One of the series. As I go through each one, I’ll definitely be adding reviews for the rest of them.

I’m still eagerly anticipating Kerrelyn Sparks’ Wild About You, which releases this coming Tuesday. I’m sure I’ll devour that in about a day and be back onto Moning’s series immediately following.

In non-book news, I DID pass the CT Property and Casulty exam (woot, woot!) and I’m now an official insurance agent. And before you ask, nope, never once did I think I’d become one. Ever. But alas, life has a tendancy to be funny that way.

However, I was able to map out a novel, which I also started writing just tonight. I’ll be doing a lot of fine tuning on this one and hoping it becomes my baby. We’ll see.

That’s it, folks. Have a very very happy Thanksgiving!



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