Book Review: Wicked Ties

“When a stalker ratchets up his attempts to get to her, cable sex talk show host Morgan O’Malley turns to Jack Cole-a self proclaimed dominant-for help. Though Jack is a bodyguard, Morgan feels anything but safe in his presence. Because slowly and seductively, Jack is bringing her deepest fantasies to the surface.” (From

I almost chickened out from reviewing this one, but I’m going to review it because hey, if I can read it, I better be able to write about it. Wicked Ties stars Morgan O’Malley and Jack Cole. Morgan is a talk show host interviewing Jack for her show when all Hell breaks loose.

Someone’s been stalking Morgan and has just brought out the big guns-literally. Bullets are flying and Jack has no choice but to think fast: save Morgan from this maniac and protect her until it’s all over. But there’s a secret that Jack is keeping from her. He might have been interviewing for her show, but only so that he could sleep with her as payback to someone from his past.

What I Thought:

Okay, first of all, I have to put it out there. This book is definitely meant for adults. There is a great plot and I loved that but I would still categorize this one as Erotica. There’s also no vanilla here. BDSM is a very large (okay, the only) part of the book and I’d really say that the stalking plot actually takes a backseat to the strong theme of dominance/submission. It’s not for everyone but trust me when I say, it’s certainly for most of us!

I’ve read Erotica before and have never been happy with it. I love a good plot and good sex in a novel equally. When one is absent, the book just stops appealing to me. In Wicked Ties, Shayla Black does an absolute incredible job of incorporating a legitimate and edge-of-your-seat plot while keeping the “erotic” theme. It’s a very rare thing an author can do so I appreciated that greatly.

What didn’t I like? The eBook edition was $12.00! Seriously?? Needless to say, I read this one in one sitting (into the wee morning hours, yup) and purchased several more of Black’s “Wicked Lovers” series this past week.

Even if you don’t generally read Erotica (it’s okay, I actually don’t usually) I highly suggest that you pick this one up. It’s by far the best that I’ve read of the series so far and even if you don’t think you’re into the BDSM scene, trust me when I say, you will be.

Final Review: 5/5. (Hands down, the best erotic novel I’ve ever read and again I must say: the plot is so appreciated!)



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