Book Review: Courting Carolina

“While building a wilderness trail for a new five-star resort in Spellbound Falls, underachieving playboy Alec MacKeage rescues a beautiful woman who is being chased by kidnappers and agrees to let her hide out with him for a few days. But when those days stretch past a week, Alec finds himself fighting his attraction to the mysterious Jane Smith- despite knowing the woman isn’t who she claims to be. Then again, neither is he…” (From

Alec MacKeage has been spending the summer camping out in the woods working on a wilderness trail for the new Oceanus resort, Nova Mare. Upon hearing a woman’s cry for help, Alec comes to the rescue and ends up with a mysterious stranger in his lean-to. The stranger’s name? Jane Smith. And Jane’s in no hurry to go anywhere fast. She asks to stay and Alec concedes without asking too many questions…for now.

But Alec soon learns the truth: Jane Smith is really Carolina Oceanus, Mac’s (from book one, Spellbound Falls) sister and princess of Atlantis. Alec decides not to let Carolina in on the fact that he knows her true identity and they spend several days together working on the wilderness trail and forming a relationship with each other.

Wait, not so fast. Happily ever after just doesn’t come that easy in Spellbound Falls. When Carolina is found out, her brother and father come to collect her. They bring her back to Nova Mare where she must choose a husband.

What I Thought:

I really became hooked into this third installment pretty quickly and had the first half of the book read in only a couple of days. I think the main difference between this one and the first two books in the series is that Chapman immediately put both main characters together in close quarters. That allowed me to quickly fall in love with them as a couple versus slowly getting used to the idea like in the first two.

I liked Carolina’s character a lot in the first book of the series and was excited to read her love story. While the first half of the book was centered on the developing relationship between Alec and Jane Carolina, the second half gave us a lot more insight into the Oceanus family and patriarch Titus Oceanus.

The reason Carolina is on the run is because she isn’t ready to get married. And what’s more, she’s certainly not ready to marry someone her father chooses for her. So she runs. And thru a series of events, she ends up running to Alec. But after dear old dad discovers her hiding out he whisks her away to Nova Mare. It’s here that he plans a great ball and brings men from many different centuries to the 21st so they may compete for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

I don’t have many negative things to say about this one. It was a really strong story and a great addition to the series. I can’t wait to read Nicholas’ (Carolina’s long term bodyguard) story in March of 2013.

Final Review: 4/5.


PS. Even though this is the last book review required to participate in the Spooktacular Paranormal Reading Challenge, I’ll be continuing on until the end of the month. I decided to stick with the magic theme in October although this is my last Spellbound Falls romance for the month.


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