Ladygarden? Huh?

“Io pointed at his crotch. ‘You’re getting all bulgy, and I resent your penis’s implication that I’m doing something to arouse you.”

This book has some of the funniest lines I think I’ve ever read. And I’ve read some seriously funny authors. I’ve been reading A Tale of Two Vampires and I have to say, I’m totally into it. I find myself laughing outloud every time the two main characters have a conversation.

Nikola is a Dark One, otherwise known as a vampire. Iolanthe Tennyson is an amateur photographer who during a visit in Austria to her cousin, falls thru a time portal and ends up in Nikola’s castle. Nikola is mysterious and sexy but also a scientist, interested in all which he does not understand. This leads to some extremely funny circumstances throughout the book.

“‘…stop staring at my breasts.’
His gaze flickered straight back to my boobs. ‘Why? You present them for male appreciation, do you not?'”

I don’t normally read Katie MacAlister (which, as I’ve said previously is very peculiar considering she is known for her Paranormal Romance) but the character of Nikola is so intriguing and genuinely humorous, I can’t help but read on. The storyline, to be completely honest, has been done. Time travel? Vampires? Though, I must admit, though they’re two of my favorite genres I have never read a time travel novel that was also a vampire novel.

“‘Perhaps penguins were not allowed on the ship that you sailed on to Europe. However, I will admit that I’ve never seen a pink penguin, and I take quite an interest in natural history…’
‘No, it’s not…er…it’s not a real penguin.’ For some reason, Io seemed flustered by this turn in conversation. He was more than intrigued by that phenomenon. ‘It’s my Tingleator. It’s shaped like a penguin, you see.’
He hated feeling left out of knowledge. ‘I am unfamilar with a Tingleator. You will describe it to me.’
‘Sorry, that may have been too regional. It’s my hoe, you know?’
His frown deepened.
‘My hoe for the ladygarden.’
Perhaps she was mad. Her conversation certainly didn’t make too much sense. ‘You wish to discuss gardening?'”

Seriously, check this book out. It’s totally worth it even if just for the hysterical conversation that takes place between Io and Nikola. I wish I could post all my favorite quotes but the story does progress and I don’t wish to give anything away!



Just a quick update…

I did update my What I’m Reading Now page: click here! to check it out.

I also created my Challenge 2013 ( <— click it!) page. This is an idea that I’ve had for the past couple of months especially after cruising thru goodreads and some other blog sites. I’m going to create a booklist of books that I will be reading next year. I think my goal is going to be for 100 but I haven’t set any ground rules yet. I’ll certainly keep everyone updated on when I update the Challenge page!

Have a great rest of the week-end, all!


Trashy TV

Hi everyone! (read as: nobody)

No but seriously. I am trying to get this blog off the ground here. It would be I think a bit more exciting to read and look at if I was any good with web design. I may know my way around a computer, but the internet is an entirely different ballgame.

I’m here for two one reasons! (I had two reasons but this went a bit longer than expected so you shall have to wait for the book themed reason number dos)

Number one and most importantly: I created a new site! A sister site! Another site for nobody to view! Another site for you all to view! Are you excited yet? Are you on the edge of your seat, about to pee your pants, a little drool escaping the corner of your mouth??

Here it is, folks: Trashy TV! ( <—Clickety-click-click…click!)

While books are my one true passion (if I had to give up TV/Reading, it would be TV without hesitation…though I would be quite sad) I love a good television show. If you’ve been reading at all, you are aware that I love being put into a world opposite mine. Fantasy, drama, mystery, comedy, it all intrigues me. And television is the more visual world of reading.

I realize that books and reading may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I like drinking tea and I have more cups for you to have! (er…you get it, right?) Behind Trashy TV! ( <—le gasp! Another clicky click!) there may be yet another blog to emerge revolving around Movies. C’mon, really people, if you’re surprised I enjoy movies then you just aren’t paying attention! The movie blog will mostly be based around reviews and such. We’ll see how/when I create that.

But for now, sit back, grab the remote, and enjoy some Trashy TV!


PS- If you read either of my blogs either occasionally or constantly (preferably constantly) please let me know at least once so I know you’re out there. Then feel free to lurk! Seeing comments from spammers only has saddened me greatly!

PPS- My overuse of parentheses was quite apparent in this post, please forgive.

Where have you gone?

Hey everyone! (uh, slash nobody)

I’m trying to prevail upon this blog and keep writing in it. God knows I keep reading, just sometimes tend to read so much I’d rather not write about it. Just got back from a week’s vacation in DC.


Drums of Autumn: done and done. It was great, really. I’ve enjoyed every book in this series so far and this one was no exception. A little background? Claire’s daughter, Brianna travels back in time to meet her father and visit her mother…and to warn them of a lethal fire which will take place several years later. Roger (Brianna’s love interest) chases her into the past to try to bring her back home to present time. A big twist (and a little bump) changes the gameplan.

I did get about ten pages into The Fiery Cross, book 5 of the series, but decided I needed a little bit of a break from the 18th century. Started The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes last night, which is proving to be a quick and quirky read so far.


Happy Reading!


PS. Will be challenging myself for the year of 2013. Look for more info in future posts!