WIRN August 9, 2012

WIRN (What I’m Reading Now)

Sorry, all. I just couldn’t stay away. I had every intention of pausing the Gabaldon series and reading a quickie book in between but the last hundred or so pages of Dragonfly in Amber propelled me quickly from bed and to the bookshelf to hastily begin book 3 of the saga, Voyager. Two hundred pages in, the book is about that much longer than book 2 and the words on the pages about 1/2 the size. My eyes are taking a severe beating (happened to have an eye exam today – not the 20/20 vision I had once as a child before developing my 2-3 book a week habit) but it won’t stop me from continuing to read. I just can’t stop.

Voyager begins almost immediately after Dragonfly… ends. Jamie Fraser is badly wounded in the pivotal battle at Culloden. He has sent Claire back thru the standing stones in an effort to save her and their unborn child from sure death during the battle. Jamie charges into battle like the hero he is, blatently intending to die in battle- for he cannot imagine a life without his beloved Claire. But with what has become his luck, he lives and manages to survive three days with a few other badly injured men cooped up in an old abandoned farmhouse. The English come, finally to shoot the Scottish highland traitors. Jamie, in intense pain (emotionally and physically), is more than willing and ready to go. But if he did, that surely would be the end of the book series and so through a series of circumstances has his life spared. Thus ends Chapter One.

Throughout the next hundred pages, there seems to be three stories developing. One, Jamie’s: back in the mid 1700’s…two, Claire, her daughter, and Roger Wakefield: in present time, trying to figure out if Jamie survived the battle at Culloden and if so, what happened afterwards? And finally, three, Claire and Frank’s: immediately following Brianna’s birth and their struggle to find a happy medium after all that developed since Claire’s disappearance.

Diana Gabaldon effortlessly weaves these three stories into the flow of the book. While in the 1700’s, I yearn to read more about Claire and her Daughter in the mid 1900’s…and while there, I can’t wait until I reach the chapter that has Frank Randall doting over a child he loves as his own but knows is not really his…it’s during these pages that I just itch to read Jamie’s story again; to become a fly on the wall during his adventure of life.

I can’t believe that 2000 pages later, these characters still come to life before my eyes. When I think I might start to become bored of the storyline something suddenly happens to pique my curiosity once more.

I know since I began this blog, it’s been ALL about Jamie and Claire Fraser and that may bore you but if you’ll just pick up the book you’ll see what I mean! Unbelievable writing, characters, history. It just unfolds before your (sometimes very tired) eyes.


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