WIRN August 5, 2012

WIRN (What I’m Reading Now)

Er, well, in this case it should really say WIAR (what I already read). I picked up this book Saturday afternoon while grocery shopping and had it read in little over seven hours. I didn’t even stop to post about it.

My plan was to finish Dragonfly in Amber and then start this book. I just couldn’t wait though. Lynsay Sands is my all-time favorite author and I just had to read this one first. Fortunately I read it so quickly I was able to pick up Dragonfly in Amber again as if I had never put it down. (I had really expected to finish this one last week-end but got sick and it definitely slowed the reading down.) I only have about 150 pages left though (and that’s out of 950!) so I’m in the homestretch.

Anyway, back to Lady is a Vamp… Lynsay Sands never disappoints me and this latest installment to her Argeneau Vampire series was no exception. The book stars Jeanne Louise, a 103 year old immortal (considered a baby by most of her family) who is kidnapped by mortal co-worker Paul Jones in an effort to save his dying 5 year old daughter. Jeanne Louise quickly realizes that Paul is her lifemate and the story goes on from there…

I’ll follow this entry I’m sure with another WIRN, which will either be the next Gabaldon installment, Voyager, or another (much shorter, fluffier) novel titled The Miss Fortunes.

Hope everyone’s enjoying the Olympics this past week, I know I have!


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