Where do you find your books?

I really wanted to take some time and dedicate a post to where I find my books. I’ve mentioned a couple of my favorite websites in passing but here is a concise and organized post on it! I know that while I read a lot of Romance themed books, that may not be everyone’s favorite genre so here’s where you can get yours (no matter what it is!):

1. Bookmooch

This site is really great. It’s a fun and cheap way to share the books you’ve read with others and vice versa. Sign up and for every book you add to your inventory to give away, you get 1/10th of a point. With 1 point you can mooch a book from someone else. If someone mooches a book from you, you get 1 point in return. I’ve been on this site for a couple of years now and go here first if I’m looking for a particular book because I don’t have to pay for it! Tip: add a handful (I usually will add 5-10 books) at a time. Messages get sent to every bookmooch user that has requested, favorited or wishlisted a book you add so when you initially sign up you may get a few bookmooch requests at a time.

If you want to check out my current inventory, have at it! http://bookmooch.com/meghanirene


2. Thriftbooks

www.thriftbooks.com is the website I frequent the most for my book purchasing. I’ll usually go here second if I can’t find what I’m looking for on bookmooch or if I am looking to purchase several books at once. Most of the mass market paperbacks are right around $4.00 on this site and it’s FREE shipping to anywhere in the US! How can you go wrong?? Plus, every book you order from the same warehouse is $0.50 off. I can usually purchase 4-5 books for less than twenty dollars. The site itself has been running a little slow for me lately and I’m not sure if it’s my computer or the server but it hasn’t stopped me from shopping there. Just put an order in for a few books, actually!

Here’s Mister Linky!


3. Amazon

I purchase a lot off Amazon but try to stay away from buying books off the site. I haven’t yet tried ordering used books from them (Have you? How is it?) so any book I buy from Amazon is brand new. I’ll purchase brand new only if I want to add to a favorite author’s collection of mine or if the book can’t be found elsewhere. However, I do purchase all my Kindle books from Amazon. My ratio of actual books to e-books read is probably somewhere around 80:20 so I really purchase a lot less off Amazon. It’s great to use if you love the Kindle though because any newly released book usually has a great sale price for the Kindle. I ordered Wicked Business the day it released for about $12.00 and it came with some cool bonus features which the $25 hardcover didn’t come with.

If you live under a rock and don’t know the web address for Amazon, here it be:


4. The Book Barn

I had to throw my all time favorite bookstore on this list. Now, if you live outside CT, you probably won’t ever get to visit the fabulous book barn but if you DO happen to live in CT, visit now! It’s located in Niantic, CT and I usually make the trip every couple of months to enjoy a day by the shore at the book barn. This bookstore is literally what its name implies. Barns full of books! Hundreds upon thousands of books! Every size, genre, and author imaginable! After hitting up the main store, drive about a mile up the road to the smaller Downtown and Midtown book barn stores. If you ever have a chance to stop here for a few hours, it’s quite worth it. They do buy books but are a bit picky with romance and seeing as how they have barns full of only romance, you can’t blame them. Mass market paperbacks are $1.00 each so grab a bag or bring a wagon and go to town!

They have a website!


So there you have it, my prime sources of bookery! What are your favorite bookstores or book websites? I’m always on the lookout for a good book-themed site so if you know of any, lead the way!

PS. In other news, I’m about 500 pages into Dragonfly in Amber and will be reviewing Outlander shortly. I’d also like to know if you have any suggestions/requests for books that I should be reading and reviewing.



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