Historical Thoughts

Well hello there to my many readers! I have just updated the WIRN (What I’m Reading Now) page and have continued on with Diana Gabaldon’s time travel series. Reading these books remind me of the historical romance that I used to devour when I first started reading. I thought I’d take the time to put my two cents in about the genre in general and share with you a few of my favorite historical romances.

Now, a lot of people roll their eyes at the mention of historical romance and I have to admit, I’ve become one of them. However, I give praise where it’s given and even though the majority of the genre has become a bit monotonous, there are a few books that I’ve enjoyed so much that I do go back to them time and again to re-read.

 I was in 8th grade when I read my very first novel. It also happened to be a historical by the name of Highland Princess. The book itself isn’t anything too incredible, but it does hold a special place in my heart. For this is the first book I devoured, the first book I couldn’t wait to open, the first book that literally made me giddy with excitement just to read even a page of. I still love the feelings that come over me when I know I’m reading an incredible book. Highland Princess is set in Scotland and stars a Princess named Bera, only sister with twelve warrior brothers. When her brothers are imprisoned in enemy dungeons, Bera takes it upon herself to rescue them, disguising herself to sneak into the fortress. It’s here that she meets Curran, a mercenary and a man to match her for everything she is.

I know it sounds totally corny. But hey, as a first book, I can’t help but still love it. If not because it’s a genuinely good historical romance because with it began my obsession and love of books.

The second book that I wanted to mention is called The Bride and the Beast by Teresa Medeiros. It stars Gwendolyn Wilder, a villager who is cruelly sent off as a sacrificial offering to the beast of Weycraig. But the beast is just a man, Bernard MacCullough, recently returned to his broken down castle. Again, this one is pretty typical. And I just realized also set in Scotland. Must be something….

In fact, since I’m lingering on The Bride and the Beast, I’ve enjoyed most of Teresa Medeiros’ books. She has some wonderful storylines and who doesn’t love a “happily ever after” in between Urban or Paranormal Fantasy, a long Non-Fiction, or even in the middle of a saga?

I read a lot of historical romance for a long time so to think off the top of my head of my favorite ones are a bit hard. I average about one book a week now but back when I was flying through historicals taken from the library, I could easily read thru 5-6 in a week. Julie Garwood was a favorite of mine and since her historicals have been published, she’s ventured into modern day mystery, intrigue, and romantic suspense. I also loved Johanna Lindsey, always good for a great plot, action and adventure.

I will end this for now, but was happy to give you a little further insight onto my bookshelf. Historicals may not be my first choice these days but you can’t ever knock a good historical. They are the best books for taking you away from the monotony of life and transporting you to far away worlds involving pirates, cowboys, nobility, you name it.

What are your favorite historical romances? What are your opinions on the genre in general?


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