Book Review: Darkfever

By Karen Marie Moning

“My Philosophy is pretty simple–any day nobody’s trying to kill me is a good day in my book. I haven’t had many good days lately.”

Darkfever is the first book in a series about Fae; the light and the dark, the Seelie and the Unseelie. But let’s back up a bit: MacKayla Lane is living a fairly normal life when she learns that her sister (whilst studying abroad in Ireland) is viciously murdered. She turns her life upside down after listening to a mysterious message left by her sister right before her murder. Intending to investigate her sister’s murder and find out the truth, she soon discovers much more than she bargained for.

For in Ireland, Mac discovers that she has a unique ability. She can see beyond the world of man and into the dangerous world of the Fae. Mac is a Sidhe-Seer; she can see both factions of the Fae- the light and the dark. Both groups are mysterious and dangerous. Of course it doesn’t just end here. Mac quickly meets Jericho Barrons, a mysterious bookstore owner that enlists Mac’s help to find the elusive Sinsah Dubh, a dark and all-powerful book that may help solve her sister’s murder. Can she trust him?

And yet, that’s still not all: another man fae appears in Mac’s life. His name is V’lane, a ruthless alpha Fae that makes sex an addiction for human women. He closes in on Mac as the boundaries between the human and Fae world start to crumble. Who killed Mac’s sister? Who should she trust? All she knows is that if anyone is going to get their hands on an all-powerful book capable of controlling both worlds…it’s going to be her.

Darkfever is a book that I bought years ago, read a chapter of, put down. Picked it up again, read a chapter of, put it down yet again. And finally, just last year, picked it up and decided to just keep on reading. It wasn’t long at all before I was hooked. I think it took me so long to get into this book because I would certainly classify it as Urban Fantasy, which is in my opinion, generally too plot-filled, detailed, and long-winded for me. Not to mention usually a bit depressing for some reason. This was not the case with this book. I was sucked in after a couple of chapters.

Karen Marie Moning’s first series involved time-travel romance and was generally a lot more light-hearted and fun. One of the only authors I’ve read who can completely switch up genre’s and you wouldn’t even know it. This book had me flipping pages faster than I can explain. I was up all hours of the night, devouring it. The characters are well-developed and you quickly find yourself routing for Mac. The interesting part of this book to me is that instead of one love interest, there are two. Throughout the book the reader isn’t sure who’s the bad guy. Is it V’lane? Is it Barrons? Is it someone else entirely? Moning definitely keeps you guessing throughout the entire book- and no, she doesn’t end it there. Four more books follow this one and you bet your ass I went out and bought every single one right away. Each book lends something different to the ultimate storyline of the series. We’ll leave it at this one for now- I’ll be sure to review the rest of the books in the series as well. In the meantime, pick up Darkfever at the library,, or

When you arrive back from your trip to the Fae infested Ireland, let me know how it was!

Overall: 5/5 stars.


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